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Fang-Tastic prizes!

Lord Vampyre loves to throw parties! He is inviting you, his exclusive guests, and all the monsters in the neighbourhood to his haunted house for the best party EVER!
Strike your best monster pose to join in… and await his awesome party trick… Lord Vampyre loves flying and being upside down like a bat – it’s the best bit about being a vampire! He’s going to use a fang-tastic potion to turn the house upside down!


Complete the puzzle to unlock your invite!
Then answer our question for your chance to WIN fang-tastic prizes!

1st Prize
Family Pack of LEGOLAND®
Annual Passes
LEGOLAND goody bag
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Family Pack of LEGOLAND® Day Tickets
LEGOLAND goody bag
Would you like to meet my friends? I do hope you’re not too ticklish!” Some Vampires are fond of bats and rats, but the Spider Lady just adores spiders. She uses them in all her home decorations, and even weaves her own gowns out of the purest Spider Silk.
"Oops. Overslept again."
The Gargoyle likes to hang out on rooftops to see all the way across the city, but has a habit of falling asleep…and a gargoyle nap can last anywhere from days to centuries.
"I'm supposed to drink WHAT?!"
He likes to read comic books with his pet bat, take long walks by the seaside (after sunset, of course), and throw huge parties in his big stone castle.